The biggest difference between high-end audio cables and consumer-grade cables boils down to their sound fidelity. High-fidelity or high-end speakers reproduce sound as close to the original recording as possible to allow the listener to hear exactly what the creator intended.


T-Adler follows the guideline of the IEC60228 to develop our conductors. We are using different diameters of the strand to form a conductor, and also using different special strand such as round, square or triangular shape. COPPER and SILVER is used as the major material for the conductors.

In the Copper strand, we are using Ohno Continuous Casting Copper (OCC), and Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) as the major materials, which are then plated with different type of the material on the OFC such as Silverand Charcoal related materials. This is the new combination which is named "Metal Cross".


The electron velocity is related to the length of the cable. Does drift velocity vary with length? Since drift velocity of electrons is inversely proportional to the resistance of the wire, it becomes one half. The length of the wire is doubled and thus cross section of the wire gets halved. In this case the resistance of the wire increases by 4 times and thus the drift velocity becomes one fourth. But the electron velocity is also related to the diameter of the wire. By that, it is clear that the drift velocity is inversely proportional to the length of a wire, so if the length of the wire doubles, the drift velocity is halved. It also depends upon the area of the cross-section of the wire.


T-Adler has two different power level cables.

One level is high voltage level, such as 230V AC, referred to as HVD (High Voltage Differential) and is mainly to provide output power to audio equipment. The other one is low-level design, referred to as LVD (Low Voltage Differential), where the main function is to transmit and output the signal between devices.


The T-Adler High Voltage Differential design is based on how to prevent power loss, while maintaining the best power of audiophile equipment, to ensure the best power supply conditions to the audio equipment. T-Adler ensured that the AC frequency is powered by the original sine wave at a frequency of 50/60, and the shape of the sine wave will not be affected by noise, distortion, buckling or distortion. The Twist technology can not only reduce the internal resistance of the power supply, but also reduce high-frequency clutter interference. T-Adler plugs and sockets help reduce the source of power loss.

The T-Adler HVD is designed mainly for power cords, equipped with wall sockets, which can be connected to the power cords of the equipment. In modern high-end audio systems, there are also equipment that handles power supply units independently.


The Low Voltage Differential (LVD) is designed to connect equipment in the audio system. At present, the RCA and XLR cables in the T-Adler Classic Series have up to 9 conductors. We are using different diameters of the threads to build our speaker cables. The T-Adler Low Voltage Differential (LVD) design is based on how to prevent EMI and RFI signal lines from interfering with high-sensitivity low-power level cables, which will keep the original nature of the source and reduces the attenuation of the signal source in the transmission.


We believe that Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance and Impedance all affect the characters of cables in different frequency range.

First we will control the raw material data from the suppliers. Then we will control the data from the construction design.

Nano C

We are using a new type of the OFC material and plated with Nano type Diamond related material which has the highest efficiency of speed velocity.

Metal Cross

We are using different shapes, sizes and materials of the strand to form different conductors.

Conductor Z

Different size of the strand to form different size of the conductors.

Spiral Twist

We control the number of the knots in a certain of the parameters to control the characters of the cable.


We develop different kinds of the conductor combination to form different characters of the cables for customer to assign into different setup and different devices.

Crosstalk Cancellation

We have paired different conductors to mutual cancel the crosstalk noise from each conductor.

Cryogenic treatment

All the T-Adler cables will have Cryogenic treatment before it will be shipped out from the production.

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