All metals are plated with Rhodium material to prevent the oxidation on the metal surface.

One part of the aluminum body is made by CNC process. The other aluminum part is made by a mould. The aim is to have 2 materials to mutual absorption of the resonant vibration.

We developed the world's best noise terminator layer which is the crystal material on the metal surface to neutralize the dirty electron.

T-Adler selects an insulated paint on the outer surface to prevent the loss of the electrical power from the magnetic flux.

All the outer screws are connected to the internal aluminum surface so as to increase the ground surface area to collect the eliminated static by the jumper system.

Carbon is used around the aluminum case to prevent the interference from the outer area.

A secure clamp system is used to ensure the conductor in the safe position.

Special design construction of the clamp to hold the big cable.