Power Man 5 Technology

All conductors are made of ultra-low resistance material.

All Conductors are the top class T-Adler conductor.

All the conductors are the super high purity OFC.

Our engineers are using different type of the connection in all the plug connections, to let the current control with the steady flow.

T-Adler engineers apply a designed copper plated to connect all the ground terminals, the aim is to control all the dirty electron to get a quiet background of the performance.

For the Live terminal of the cable, T-Adler engineers apply some material to get rid of all their magnetic interference to affect another flow of the current in other cable.

All the metal parts of the terminal are plated with Rhodium.

T-Adler Engineer apply a low impedance environment to let the steady current flow in the system.

ALL metallic parts used in PowerMan 5 go through the Cryogenic Process Treatment to keep all connectors, conductors, and metal parts in a perfect stress-free, stable and highly conductive state.