Power Man 5 Features

The T-Adler PowerMan 5 is an audiophile Power Distribution Unit - PDU

The appearance of T-Adler Power Man 5 is designed by an Italian designer who feels that, it is not only a simple PDU, but also a beautiful piece of furniture and artwork.

Our engineers designed four huge spiked spikes for the PowerMan 5. These huge spikes are made of aluminum alloy and the outer layer is covered with copper.

The T-Adler PowerMan 5 is made of one piece of special metal, because our engineers need to control the internal airtight environment for the ground effects.

The aluminum body effectively shields against another common problem, i.e. the RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

T-Adler's engineers are using our T-Adler Solomon terminals which all are plated with Rhodium on the copper plate.

The surface design of T-Adler PowerMan 5 can well support the stacking of different T-Adler BRICK series products.

The T-Adler PowerMan 5 has one AC input and 5 AC outputs.

In order to obtain the best results we recommend, that each terminal to be connected to a device.

All signs and instructions of T-Adler's BRICK series products are made by CNC engraving and hand-made by T-Adler.