Power Man 5 Details


T-ADLER PowerMan 5 is an audiophile Power Distribution Unit. The box has been created by an Italian industrial designer. His philosophy was, that such an audiophile device should not only be a perfectly working PDU, but also a beautiful piece of artisticly designed furniture. Our engineers have designed four huge spiked spikes for the T-ADLER PowerMan 5. These huge spikes are made of aluminum alloy and the outer layer is covered with copper. The surface design of T-ADLER PowerMan 5 allows the stacking of different T-ADLER BRICK series products. All signs, logos and instructions on the T-ADLER BRIC series products are made by CNC engraving, or handmade by us.

The T-ADLER PowerMan 5 is made of one piece of special metal to enable the engineers to control the internal airtight environment for the ground effects. We are using our T-Adler Solomon terminals which all are plated with Rhodium on the copper plate. The T-Adler PowerMan 5 has 1 AC input and 5 AC outputs. To obtain the best results we recommend to connect each device with the T-ADLER PowerMan 5.


Our engineers have designed different types of the connection in all the plug connections, because the aim is to let the current control with the steady flow. We have applied a specially designed copper plated to connect all the ground terminal. This will control all the "dirty electron" to get a quiet background of the performance.

We have applied different materials to get rid of all their magnetic interference and to avoid, that another flow of the current in other cable will result in bad affects. A low impedance environment has been applied to make sure, that a steady current flows into your devices.


The T-ADLER PowerMan 5 is an active Power Distribution Unit, which can be connected to all devices of your audio and video systems, and which is the best choice when you are seeking for impressive results. For the ultimate best results we recommend to use T-ADLER Classical Series power cables and the Twisted Series power cables in each terminal. Using the T-ADLER Power Man 5 and our cables, you will achieve:


Very good sound

Better stage sense

Quiet background

Deep sound field

You can hear more music details


Clear picture

Darker screen background

Stable image

Rich colors

Smooth signal