Power Man 5 Specifications

Input: 220 to 240 V @50/60Hz

Number of input : 1 x IEC C13

Current : 15A

Number of output : 5 x NEMA 5 - 15P

Output current : 15A

Power : 4000 W

Internal Connection with special Copper plate at the Ground terminal.

Live and Neutral connection by different T-Adler conductors.

Each product has its serial number at the bottom.

No fuse protection.

Each Gold surface is plated individually, so the color may have a small difference

DIMENSIONS                                                                     Width : 270 mm                                                                       Depth :  168 mm                                                           Hight:  100 mm                                                                    Hight with Spikes:  143 mm

Weight:   6.6 KG                                                       

Made by computerized Numerical Control Machine

We recommend to use the T-ADLER Classic Series and/or Twist Series power cables for the best performance.

The body is made from 1 piece Aluminum Block

6 pieces Gold plated terminal plate for ground cable connection

Internal pure copper connection

Each product has its own serial number at the bottom of the box

Each terminal uses one aluminum tube with T-ADLER type 7 grains in ratio

Each Gold surface is plated individually, so that the colors might be slightly different.