T-Adler EarthMan 6 treatment after the ground box absorbs noise

The first generation of ground boxes use a similar metal material device on the surface of the ground box to create a situation similar to a water storage pond. When static electricity passes, the ground box line slowly introduces it into the pond. This is called the trigger-mode. Instead of the active absorption model, it can have a certain effect, but can it achieve high performance ?

The second generation ground boxes have an electronic bottom plate circuit, which has a stronger effect of absorbing static electricity than the first generation. However, due to the static electricity generated by the second-generation electronic bottom version, it will also adversely affect the original machine. In simple terms, it absorbs static electricity. At the same time, static electricity is also generated to cause certain interference.

The difference of the T-Adler EarthMan6 ground box lies in the following 3 important functions:

Step 1: Initiate an active mode to remove static electricity from the device

Step 2: The residual static electricity can be melted by the material, so that the residual static electricity cannot return

Step 3: The material can strengthen the first step and strengthen the function of absorbing static electricity.

The above 3 steps loop endlessly, so users can easily enjoy the sound that is not usually heard, and every note can be very dynamic !