EarthMan 6 Features

The T-ADLER EARTH MAN 6 is a class leading Grounding Box because of it's sophisticated frequency-optimized filter technology which creates static equilibrum. The EARTH MAN 6 works like an intravenous injection to strengthen your sound stage foundation, keeping the sound background more dark and having the lowest noise in the listening environment.

The T-ADLER EarthMan 6 is an audiophile grounding box. Our engineers have developed three natural materials, using T-Adler's proprietary production technology, and combining the physical characteristics of all materials to perform the grounding function.

The box has been created by an Italian industrial designer. His philosophy was, that such an audiophile device should not only be perfectly working grounding box, but also a beautiful piece of artisticly designed furniture.

The T-ADLER EarthMan 6 is made of one piece of special metal to enable the engineers to control the internal airtight environment for the ground effects.

The T-Adler EarthMan6 has six connection terminals made of rhodium-plated alloy. Banana terminals and prosthetic terminals can be used. To obtain the best results we recommend to connect each device with the ground box.

Our engineers have designed four huge spiked spikes for the T-ADLER EarthMan 6. These huge spikes are made of aluminum alloy and the outer layer is covered with copper. The surface design of T-Adler EarthMan6 allows the stacking of different T-ADLER BRICK series products. All signs, logos and instructions on the T-ADLER BRIC series products are made by CNC engraving, or handmade by us.